Watch Online Jigarwala No. 1 (Kick 2) 2016 Hindi Dubbed 300MB Download Links

Jigarwala No. 1 (Kick 2) 2016 Hindi Dubbed 300MB

Poster Of Jigarwala No. 1 (Kick 2) 2016 Hindi Dubbed  300MB   Free Download Watch Online

Evaluations: 5.4/10.
Directed: Reddy Surender.

Released Date: 21 August 2015.
Types: Action,Comedy,Romance.

Movie Stars: Darbha Appaji Ambarisha, Tanikella Bharani, Brahmanandam.
Movie Name: Jigarwala No. 1 (Kick 2) 2016 Hindi Dubbed 300MB .

Movie Quality: .
Movie Size: 437MB.

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Story: Jigarwala No. 1 (Kick 2) 2016 Hindi Dubbed 300MB maintained the basic essence of its prequel but has a taken a different route in the lead character’s portrayal. While it’s all about Kick in the previous version, now you got to meet a person who put his comfort on the top. Where did his obsession for comfort take him? What role does Vilaspur village and its people play in his life? Did he stand for his comfort through out? This forms the crux of the story.

Meanwhile, in Bihar, there is a small town called Vilaspur, which is cruelly ruled over by an evil man, Solomon Singh Thakur (Ravi Kishen). The villagers expect a godsend to arrive soon to save them. Robin gets into a fight with Jatcharlla Balram (Madhu), a local politician in Hyderabad. A villager of Vilaspur, Chandan (Shekhar) witnesses this and informs his villagers about Robin. The village decides to send three of their people to Hyderabad to keep an eye on Robin and also announce the three people dead to the Thakur. Meanwhile, Robin is persuaded by a writer, Chaitra (Rakul Preet Singh), who wants to write his story. Chaitra soon falls in love with Robin, who does not reciprocate as he loves only himself. Yet, he tells her that she can treat him as her lover, and he will play along and if he manages to fall in love with her, he will stay back with her. Chaitra does all she can to impress him. Robin soon cheats Pandit and takes his houses from him and sells them. Chaitra tells him that now there is no difference between him and Durga. But Robin says that Pandit was the one who gave the land grabbing idea to Durga and this was his punishment. Using his brains, Robin soon gets his land back from Durga as well as the lands of all the other people which Durga grabbed. On the day of his departure, Robin tells Chaitra he still has no feelings for her, but tells her that she will always be his best friend. She runs away sadly, but it is now revealed that she was sent by Vilaspur villagers to get Robin to their village. At the airport, Robin realizes that he does love Chaitra and rushes back to her. She gets taken to the village suddenly and leaves for him a diary so that he knows where to come to. The village is remodeled so that it will suit for Robins “comforts”. The villagers make Robin believe he has to stay there for 10 days so that he can win Chaitra. One of their own villagers, Venkatratnam (Tanikella Bharani) continuously discourages them of their ideas to beat the Thakur. Thakur’s son Munna (Kabir Duhan Singh), arrives in town and kills a young girl who was the daughter of a villager. Robin beats him up after a small misunderstanding at the temple. Soon Munna begins to get scared of Robin and the Thakur kills him too. It is also revealed that Pandit Ravi Teja came to Vilaspur and became an astrologer at the Thakur’s palace. Pandit reveals everything to Robin who was conned by the villagers into a battle with the Thakur. He decides to leave back to Virginia, but Venkatratnam finally advises him against it saying that trying to cheat him, the villagers actually loved him Jigarwala No. 1 (Kick 2) 2016 Hindi Dubbed 300MB .

Screen Shot Of Jigarwala No. 1 (Kick 2) 2016 Hindi Dubbed  300MB   Free Download Watch Online

Jigarwala No. 1 (Kick 2) 2016 Hindi Dubbed 300MB

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